JF Possibilities' NTC mirror

By the end of March 2018 Next Thing, Co. (NTC) officially died and CHIP related files have fallen off the internet. The last of their sites, the forum, has ceased to function as of Oct 3rd, 2018. Prior to that I undertook to backup what I could in this mirror. For additional help the Discord team still seems to be running. Here is an invitation link. These apparently expire so if you click and get an error message from the Discord server please drop me an email and I'll refresh it for you.

NOTE 2021-09-03:
The decay continues. :-( it seems the CHIP users' wiki has droppd dead. Its been gone for quite a while now. I had tried to reach someone on Discord to see if it could be restored but nobody responded. So I think that's the end of that. I guess I should have cloned that too. ::sigh:: UPDATE: The final copy of the community wiki as captured on the WayBack Machine is here.

Backup sets:

  • CHIP Document site
  • CHIP-tools flash images
  • CHP files for the Chrome flashing app
  • NTC's GitHub repositories
  • The ".deb" package repository

  • Flashing notes:

    Author note: These pages are getting out of hand with updates. I'm going to have to do some refactoring!

    1. If you flash CHIPs with the images contained in these backups they will still have the original NTC Debian package repositories configured. You will need to follow the instructions in the "package repository" page to repoint your CHIPs to this mirror.
    2. If you use "CHIP-tools" to flash your CHIP you will have to alter the location of the image repositories. Instructions are on the CHIP-tools flash images page.
    3. The "chip-update-firmware.sh" script will fail with newer versions of sunxi-tools, specifically the `fel` binary. Apparently the newer versions are incompatible with the older R8. I would recommend building from the NTC copy of the sunxi-tools repository. See the "NTC's GitHub repositories" page for the URLs. Then you can patch the "common.sh" from the "CHIP-tools" package to set the "FEL" variable (near the top) to the location of your freshly built "fel".
    4. A user created an all-in-one "singularity" image with all of the necessary software for flashing and the images to be flashed. You can find his guide on Reddit.

    And Micro$oft consumes GitHub!

    See: Softpedia: Microsoft Takes Over GitHub

    Boy the Internet is being cruel lately. I don't really want M$ scrutinizing my future projects so I've joined the exodus to other services. At least for the moment I'm self hosting projects, in a crude fashion, until I finalize a plan. Since the NTC forums have died I have removed my CHIP related GITs from my "jafcobend" GitHub account. I had only left them up there to preserve the links from various posts I've made. The only reason I'm maintaining my GitHub account is so I can file bug reports on other projects and because users are still finding and staring my backup scripts. I'll leave those there until they no longer are of use to others. Really the only thing that would still work is the NTC GitHub clone script.

    Here are my CHIP related files that were mentioned in posts on the NTC forum.

    I hope you find this mirror useful. If you do please drop me a line with the contact info available on my company site.