Image of C.H.I.P. Pro v1.0

C.H.I.P. Pro Hardware Versions

v1.0 = C.H.I.P. Pro
v0.9 = Early Pre-Cert Developer Kits

Source Files

C.H.I.P. Pro is designed using OrCAD!
A free "lite" viewer is available at


C.H.I.P. Pro Datasheet:

C.H.I.P. Pro Docs:

C.H.I.P. Pro Dev Kit Docs:


C.H.I.P. Pro is tested for compliance with, and registered as indicated below with the following regulatory bodies: REACH, ROHS, CE, FCC (ID: 2AF9F-1337R, 47 CFR 15 Modular Transmitter when used with pre-certified antennas as listed in Datasheet), IC (ID: 20863-1337R, HVIN CHIP-PRO)


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