MEGA C.H.I.P-Hardware

Design files for MEGA C.H.I.P

Scaled to 14.48 times a standard C.H.I.P

Overall size of MEGA C.H.I.P is apprx 36in x 24in

Lasercutter used was a LaserSaur 100 watt with a 2ft by 4ft bed

1/4" plywood sheets were used, 750 speed and 65% power for piercing cuts, and 1500 speed with 3% power was used for layout markings

While preparing cuts make sure internal cuts are done before external cuts.

On the "MainBoardAndMountingHoleStencil" all black lines on the main board are used for layout and are slightly undersized so that the cut components will cover them.

On the "AudiojackAndComponents" file the blue lines are used for layout.