Educational material involving PocketC.H.I.P..


The materials are good for educators and students alike. They will go through basic operations with brief examples.


In this directory you will find outlines and step-by-steps of short and long exercises. The shorter ones are particularly good for walk-up scenarios, for example at a Maker Faire or event where a table is set up. They can and should also be taught in the classroom and can be used with other exercises to create a longer lesson. The long exercises are geared towards a classroom or setting where there is a longer amount of time to explore and develop as a group.


Found in the Activities directory. These materials are good for printouts and supporting materials. For example, if teaching a workshop to a group that has never used Pico-8 before you may want to print out the Pico-8 cheatsheet document so students can quickly reference commands and controls.

The LED components document is an companion to the Blink an LED from Pico-8 exercise and can be used on its own.