CHIPtainer Example: Python with CHIP_IO library

This is a Docker file for building a container that includes Python as well as the CHIP_IO library for interfacing with GPIO, PWM, and ADC.

You must run this container from a CHIP that has Docker installed. To begin, log in to the NTC Docker account:

docker login

Then download the latest image:

docker pull

Now run the Docker container, allowing access to the GPIO directories, device memory, and the raw IO.

docker run -v /sys:/sys --cap-add SYS_RAWIO --device /dev/mem -it

To test, you can try setting the LCD-D5 pin value on CHIP. First, launch Python:


Then issue the commands to set the pin HIGH:

import CHIP_IO.GPIO as GPIO GPIO.setup("LCD-D5", GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output("LCD-D5", GPIO.HIGH)