Install required build tools

Install sunxi-fel and fastboot

Clients for bootloaders on gr8. These support USB flashing.

linux (debian):


TODO: fastboot install instructions

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install android-tools-fastboot

get sunxi-fel

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev pkg-config git clone pushd sunxi-tools make make install popd ```



get fastboot

brew install android-platform-tools

get sunxi-fel

git clone pushd sunxi-tools make make install popd ```

Install docker: Provides containers to run your gadgetos builds

linux (Ubuntu):

linux (debian):


Build and flash gadgetos

Get gadgetos source code

git clone cd gadget-buildroot

Create docker image for building gadgetos


On macOS, you'll need to launch the Docker application from your Applications folder before you can run these scripts. This can take about 10-15 minutes, depending on your computer.

Create gadgetos config file

scripts/build-gadget make chippro_defconfig

Creating this config file takes less than a minute.

[optional] Customize your configuration

If you want to add some capabilities to the default rootfs, you can use an ncurses UI to navigate the many options of buildroot: scripts/build-gadget make nconfig

[optional] Customize your kernel

If you want to add some capabilities to the kernel, you can use an ncurses UI to navigate the many options: scripts/build-gadget make linux-nconfig

Make gadgetos

Now you are ready to build!

scripts/build-gadget make -s

This can take an hour or more.

Flash With OS

Now that you have built an operating system, you can flash it to CHIP Pro.

Flash gadgetos image to chippro

Hold down the fel button and power up the Dev Board and scripts/flash-gadget The image will flash to the CHIP Pro. Once flashing has finished, you can connect via UART and start using it.


If the dev kit already has a gadget OS on it and you are re-flashing, boot CHIP Pro, then open a terminal. Use the command: gadget-enter-flashing-mode This will reboot into a flashing mode. From your computer's command line in the gadget-os-proto docker, run the flash script: scripts/flash-gadget It will complaing that FEL device is not found, then after a few seconds, begin flashing from fastboot.

Update the OS and Re-flash

If the repo is updated and you want to reflash, from your local repo directory, you can use the appropriate arguments to make : git pull scripts/build-gadget make gadget-init-scripts-reconfigure all # for default scripts/build-gadget make demo-blinkenlights-reconfigure all # ... blinkenlights scripts/build-gadget make demo-micrecorder-reconfigure all # ... micrecorder scripts/build-gadget make demo-wirelessap-reconfigure all # ... wirelessap

Then try the "Alternatively" procedure above to reflash.

Try it!

There are some examples on the system you just flashed.


Try the blinking lights example. From CHIP Pro's prompt: blink-leds This blinks the 8 LEDs on CHIP's GPIO in various patterns.

VU meter

Now try the VU meter example /opt/bin/vu-meter Scream loudly, speak softly, tap the mics, and MAKE SOME NOISE, SPORTSFANS!. You'll see the LEDs light, proporitional to the volume of the noise.