sunxi-tools Copyright (C) 2012 Alejandro Mery

Tools to help hacking Allwinner A10 (aka sun4i) based devices and possibly it's successors, that's why the 'x' in the package name.

fexc: .fex file (de)compiler

Usage: ./fexc [-vq] [-I <infmt>] [-O <outfmt>] [<input> [<output>]]

infmt:  fex, bin  (default:fex)
outfmt: fex, bin  (default:bin)

bin2fex: compatibility shortcut to call fexc to decompile an script.bin blob back into .fex format used by allwinner's SDK to configure the boards.

fex2bin: compatiblity shortcut to call fexc to compile a .fex file into the binary form used by the sun4i kernel.

fel: script interface for talking to the FEL USB handler built in to th CPU. You activate FEL mode by pushing the usboot/recovery button at poweron. See for a detailed usage guide.

fel-gpio: Simple wrapper around fel-pio and fel to allos GPIO manipulations via FEL

fel-sdboot: ARM native sdcard bootloader forcing the device into FEL mode

fel-pio: ARM native helper for fel-gpio

pio: Manipulate PIO register dumps

nand-part: Tool for manipulating Allwinner NAND partition tables

jtag-loop.sunxi: ARM native boot helper to force the SD port into JTAG and then stop, to ease debugging of bootloaders.

bootinfo: Dump information from Allwinner boot files (boot0/boot1) --type=sd include SD boot info --type=nand include NAND boot info (not implemented)

phoenix_info: gives information about a phoenix image created by the phoenixcard utility and optionally extracts the embedded boot code & firmware file from their hidden partitions.

meminfo: Tool for reading DRAM settings from registers. Compiled as a static binary for use on android and other OSes. To build this, get a toolchain, and run: make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- meminfo

script-extractor: A simple tool, which can be executed on a rooted Android device to dump the script.bin blob from RAM via reading /dev/mem.

This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2+ as defined by the Free Software Foundation, details can be read in the COPYING file.