JF Possibilities' CHIP related scripts

When the NTC forum was alive I participated in several discussions that resulted in writing scripts for various C.H.I.P. related things. Since the forum has now gone away I have eliminated those files from my GitHub account. I don't need to worry about breaking links. Well, all but the CHIPbak scripts as users still seem to be hitting those. I simply don't care to share code with Microsoft (M$). And although they could technically find the code here, they would have to work for it, instead of simply being able to browser their own servers.

Some of these scripts could be altered to work with the many other SBCs out there, with very little effort. So their value lives on. I will probably get a Trac setup for these.

For the time being, welcome to the temporary CHIP script home!

  • CHIPbak: these are scripts to clone NTC's resources. The only thing that would still work is their GitHub stuff.
  • ds3231: This script reads and writes time to and from a ds3231 clock module attached to a TWI/I2C bus. Its written as a classic init.d script so it can set the time at boot.
  • pocket_meter: A set of scripts with the end goal to turn on a sequence of LEDs attached to GPIO based on some value. The scripts provided use the systems Load Factor (LF). So my PocketCHIP would turn on LEDs based on how busy it was.

  • I hope you find this mirror useful. If you do please drop me a line with the contact info available on my company site.